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Who we are

Lucid Sports is an analytical and consulting football agency that offers services to football clubs helping them to find players for required positions. To find players our analysts work together with the clubs’ staff members.
The systematic approach used by our company as well as the in-depth algorithms of analysis and the company’s well-defined structure assist clubs with finding exactly the players they need to take the team to a new level.

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Global scouts network

Access to scouting reports on players from all regions

scouting of a player using a sophisticated algorithm, which takes into consideration all details about the player’s performances.

Thanks to the very detailed algorithm of analysis used by our scouts, Lucid Sports has access to a huge amount of data and assessment ratings on many players, and it allows us to find players that can meet any criteria set by our client clubs.

Analytical club reports

Report contains the squad depth analysis and the list of positions that require strengthening. Performing an assessment of a club’s squad depth with a view of identifying positions that require strengthening, done by our analysts

Analysis for the
2016-2017 season

Passing football instead of physical.
The team was especially poor when it came to challenge in the air, winning just 46% of them. Team attack stood out with their high amount of dribbles per game (29 attempts on average, top 4 in the division).

Analytical player reports

The club is provided a list of players that our scouts recommend to sign. The list features short summary reports on the selected players and each report contains scouts’ assessment of a player’s abilities, the list of their strengths and weaknesses as well as general information on the player.

First name Player
Last name

Player style: Attacking Right Defender

Wing-back, who plays in the model with three central defenders. He has excellent accelera- tion and pace and makes a lot of sprints during a match. Player is active in pressing, closes.

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